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Keep vagina and urethra clean. Increase tightness, wetter and a healthier smell. Ailments like cramping, itching, burning pains gone! You will see dead skin, yeast & mucous. Depending on what vaginal concerns you have may increase sensitivity during use, may cause irritation if you are already inflamed, don't worry this is normal. The toxins are moving out of your vagina toward the opening where it's more sensitive. Some women with fibroids and cysts have mild cramping during the discharge process, this is the fibrous tissue and toxins moving out and along womb and cervix. Very important to drink plenty water during this process and do not engage in any sexual activies.

Yoni Pearls (3)

  • Three herbs to detox your uterus. Instructions included. 

    These pearls are becoming more popular among women looking to cure fibroids, PCOS, yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

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